Don’t miss out on the 36th annual Range and Natural Resources Camp!

Range Camp is an opportunity for high school students to engage with the professional world of plant, animal, and landscape management. Students will learn about wildlife, forestry, rangeland, and plants from university and cooperative extension staff, as well as other professionals.

Range Camp is organized by the California-Pacific chapter of the Society for Range Management (CalPac SRM). Due to COVID-19, CalPac has transformed the in-person camp to Virtual Camp. There are 20 exciting videos ranging from 2-15 minutes covering topics such as rangeland ecology management, botany, ranch economics, wildlife, grazing animal nutrition, ornithology, and fire. You can engage with science-based activities that you can do from your home or a local park. There are also videos of interviews with professionals about their careers, as well as students about their college experiences.

Watch the videos at your own pace. Then, on August 31, 2020 at 3:00pm, tune in for a live one-hour Zoom webinar to discuss questions and topics with experts in the field!

Register here. Information to access the videos and the webinar will be sent upon registration.