Alameda County Resource Conservation District

The mission of the Alameda County Resource Conservation District is to provide leadership in the County and region about natural resources conservation, wildlife, and agricultural enhancement through partnerships, education, outreach, resource services, technical assistance, and funding.

Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs) are independent, non-regulatory, special districts of California. They are authorized by Division 9 of the California Public Resources Code to provide resource conservation leadership within district boundaries. They are locally governed agencies with their own appointed, independent boards of directors . RCDs enable the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service to provide Farm Bill cost-share programs and other technical assistance for local landowners and users. RCDs are empowered to conserve and to enhance agricultural and natural resources within their districts on public and private lands, to educate their constituents and to collaborate with other organizations to achieve their missions.

Following the establishment of the federal Soil Conservation Service, Resource Conservation Districts were soon thereafter formed in response to the Dust Bowl crisis of the 1930’s, to act as the local counterparts to the federal Soil Conservation Service. These districts were meant to be more responsive to local conditions and issues than a large centralized agency could be. Over the years, hundreds of districts sprang up all over California, including two in Alameda County (Eastern Alameda County Soil Conservation District in 1946 and Western Alameda County Soil Conservation District in 1955). The two districts merged in 1972 and became the Alameda County Resource Conservation District.

Natural Resources Conservation Service

“Helping People Help the Land.”

The mission of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is to assist private landowners and land managers address natural resource conservation on private lands. NRCS defines “conservation” as the wise use and management of our natural resources – soil, water, air, plant, and animal – in order to sustain productivity for current and future generations. NRCS accomplishes this mission by working directly with local Resource Conservation Districts. The Alameda County Resource Conservation District does their best to ensure that local conservation concerns are met. We do our best to balance their specific, local needs with a national conservation effort.

“Conservation…Our Purpose. Our Passion.”

The purpose and passion for conservation in California and throughout our nation is shared by many. It is shared between NRCS employees, our partners, and by the landowners with whom we work. Read about statewide successes in our California Faces & Places of Stewardship Success feature.

The ACRCD and NRCS are not Government oversight agencies. Maintaining the trust of the landowners and ranchers is of the utmost importance.

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