The History of the Partnership

The Alameda County Resource Conservation District, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the Conservation Partnership.


The conservation of soil and water resources became a national priority in the New Deal administration.


The National Industrial Recovery Action was signed, producing the Soil Erosion Service (SES) in the Department of Interior. This established demonstration projects in critically eroded areas across the country to show landowners the benefits of conservation.


Congress passed Public Law 74-46, which recognized that “the wastage of soil and moisture resources on farm, grazing, forest lands…is a menace to the national welfare,” and it directed the Secretary of Agriculture to establish the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) as a permanent agency in the USDA.


The Alameda County Soil Conservation District was formed as the Eastern Alameda County Soil Conservation District.


The Western Alameda County Soil Conservation District was formed.


The creation of the Resource Conservation and Development program (RC&D) allowed SCS to work with landowners in areas larger than small watersheds or conservation districts, to develop long term economic development plans for the entire project area.


The Eastern and Western Alameda County Soil Conservation Districts were consolidated and renamed to become the RCD we have today – the Alameda County Resource Conservation District. Under Division 9 of the California Public Resources Code, the District serves as a “vehicle for resource conservation and development within its boundaries.”


Congress changed the name from SCS to NRCS to broaden the scope of agency’s concerns. Congress initiated a major reorganization of the USDA and renamed SCS the National Resources Conservation Service to better reflect the broad scope of the agency’s mission.


The Conservation Partnership of the ACRCD and the NRCS continues to enhance the preservation & conservation of natural resources and facilitates agricultural improvements throughout the Alameda County region.

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