Milkweed FlowerWe are thrilled to see local interest in our Monarch Conservation project! It all started with a mere observation of a milkweed plant, by the Calhoun Sisters on their property three years ago. That lead to the development of a restoration project: in December 2019 we planted 1,600 native, drought-tolerant nectar-producing plants on their ranch, including milkweed, the host plant for monarchs. Their Calhoun Sisters efforts were reported on in the Livermore Independent. Since then we’ve had wonderful positive feedback from the Livermore community, including people thinking of ways to expand monarch conservation efforts.

In her editorial response to the article, Sheran Clark of Livermore suggests that the City of Livermore incorporate habitat for monarchs in garden areas and around businesses downtown. This project is a great reminder that a single action, like the Calhoun sisters working to conserve monarchs, can inspire a whole community to make a difference!

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Editorial responses to the article on our monarch conservation planting project with the Calhoun Sisters can be found here: