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The Alameda County Resource Conservation District is once again partnering with the Coastal Commission and the Alameda County Clean Water Program to host this important annual clean up event. This year, the format is different, but the outcome is as important as ever!

September marks the 36th annual California Coastal Cleanup. This year, rather than meeting up at public events throughout the state on a single date, cleanups will happen every Saturday throughout the month. (If Saturdays don’t work for you, don’t let that stop you! Clean up during any day and time that works for you.)

Cleanups will be self-guided and close to home. Local parks, shores, creeks, streets, sidewalks, drainage areas, natural areas, and trails are good choices. Practice physical distancing, and strictly follow both local ordinances and the set of guidelines provided on the California Coastal Commission website. Safety first!

Although the cleanup model will be different in 2020, it will still be an effective, educational, community-building event. Trash within our neighborhoods will become the trash polluting our coast once the rains come. We need your help to clean your neighborhoods, record your participation, and collect data on the CleanSwell app.

Please count every piece of trash you collect! Reporting thoroughly and accurately will help put together a more complete picture of Coastal Cleanup 2020. Data will be collected primarily through the CleanSwell app for smartphones, or you can download the paper data card. Learn how to participate in Alameda County by registering today at https://alamedacoastalcleanup.eventbrite.com.

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