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Palomares Watershed Education Project

Palomeres Watershed Education Program StudentsThe 2009-2010 Watershed Education Project at Palomares School in Castro Valley, funded by the Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, builds on the many years of involvement of the ACRCD in the creek restoration and associated educational activities which have been implemented at this site. The project continues to be coordinated by ACRCD staff member Sherry Johnson, who is planning the following activities:

  • Watershed Science Expo: Held in May, this is a full day of hands-on learning about natural resource science and watersheds for approximately 1000 3rd grade students from Castro Valley and San Lorenzo schools.
  • Junior Naturalists: An after-school program for students at Palomares School who wish to study the creek and its environs up close.
  • Teacher Training: The school site is used to educate teachers in natural resources protection and associated curriculum development; teachers can bring their students to the school for special creek-related studies and activities.
  • Hands-On-Conservation: The ACRCD’s own stewardship/education program for middle and high school students will provide creek trail maintenance and invasive plant removal assistance to the project.
  • Curriculum Development: Teachers will continue to develop grade level specific and standards based lessons based on the watershed lessons to add to the existing teacher binders.

The current program is a continuation of a Palomares Creek Restoration and at Palomares Elementary School. We found the perfect opportunity to implement not only a demonstration restoration site but also to help the school develop an integrated, standards-based watershed curriculum. The creek restoration element of this project is completed and can be found on our Education ProjectPartnership Projects page.

For more information on this project please contact Sherry Johnson at Palomares School.