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Youth Education

Youth have an important role in natural resource protection. Individually, as members of a family and community, and as future citizens, the youth of today have the ability to initiate change and guide development of future activities to ensure the health of our watersheds. The Conservation Partnership is committed to providing natural resources and conservation education to Alameda County’s youth through our education programs. We appreciate the financial support of partners which make these programs possible. Funding for our programs comes from the Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, Alameda County Clean Water Program, and grant funding.

Watershed Adventures

Watershed Adventures is a watershed education program for 4th grade students in Alameda County presented by the Alameda County RCD. The program combines science and art to build awareness and understanding of local creeks and watersheds, their unique ecosystems, and ways to protect them. The presentations are given to approximately 170 classes each year.


Hands-On Conservation is a county-wide educational program that provides opportunities for youth to learn about natural resources conservation through active participation in stewardship and agriculture enhancement activities on public and private property. The program works with middle and high school aged students in active restoration projects throughout the county.

Palomares Education Project

The Palomares Education Project at Palomares Elementary School in Castro Valley incorporates watershed education for students through an annual Watershed Science Expo and the Junior Naturalists program. The school site and associated restoration site is used as a valuable watershed educational tool for teachers through enhanced curriculum development opportunities.

Sunol AgPark Education Programs

  Sunol AgPark Field Trips  (4th-6th grade) offer the opportunity to experience a working organic farm, engage with farmers and explore the interaction of the farms and the surrounding riparian area. Field trips begin with an introductory farm tour followed by a lesson connecting students to the land and to people involved in agriculture and natural resource preservation. Students also participate in farm chores geared to the season and farm needs. Field trips generally run from 10 am to 1 pm (not including transportation time) though other times are available to meet teachers’ scheduling needs.

In-School Programs (4th-6th grades) complement the field trips by preparing students for the farm experience. AgPark educators go to the school with up to one hour of materials about the watershed, the role of farmers, and the connection of the farm to the riparian area adjacent to the farm.

To learn more about visiting the Sunol AgPark, or to submit an In-School or Field Trip Program request, click here!

Range Camp

Range Camp is designed to introduce young men and women to the importance, value, and extent of California's rangeland resources. Range camp encourages leadership in natural resources stewardship through interaction with recognized professionals in both classroom and field sessions. This program, sponsored by the California-Pacific Section of the Society for Range Management and the University of California Cooperative Extension, is held at each summer Elkus Youth Ranch near Half Moon Bay, California.

Natural Resources Education Scholarship Fund

The Natural Resources Education Scholarship Fund is available to provide financial assistance to those who would like to attend youth education activities but cannot afford it.  Please click here to learn more.