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Technical Assistance for Agencies

The Conservation Partnership collaborates with many partners including local, state, and federal agencies, organizations, and individuals to develop and implement a wide variety of conservation and agricultural strategies. The foundation of our collaboration is the development of sound Conservation Plans covering regions, areas, watersheds and individual parcels of land.

Serving as the link between landowners and public agencies and other organizations, we take leadership when necessary to get complex or controversial projects implemented by working in the middle. We seek opportunities to demonstrate progressive conservation techniques and facilitate the use of locally-appropriate and voluntary solutions to resource and agricultural challenges throughout Alameda County.

Examples of this collaboration include:

  • Coordinating the pooling of funds from multiple partners in order to demonstrate biotechnical engineering practices on the Arroyo de la Laguna Streambank Stabilization Project, with the NRCS providing funds and technical leadership and the RCD administering the project.
  • Development of the Alameda County Permit Coordination Program demonstrating the collaboration of six regulatory agencies with the Conservation Partnership to facilitate and accelerate conservation projects on the ground.
  • Assistance to local landowning agencies through their grazing lessees (who are eligible for Farm Bill Incentives, Wildlife Friendly Ponds and Permit Coordination programs), and in special circumstances contracting with these agencies directly to provide technical assistance.