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School Program Requests & Field Trip Information


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Considerations and requirements for schools visiting the Sunol AgPark:

Each student, chaperone and teacher should have:

  • Water bottle

  • Lunch (students must take any lunch trash back home with them)

  • Dress in Layers (weather ranges from cool & windy to hot, and can change during the day)

  • Close-toed shoes (required for children and adults)

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Backpack (to carry lunch to one of two farm picnic spots away from the bus drop-off area)


A minimum of 2 adult chaperones per 30 students is required, and additional adult support is encouraged. 

ero Waste Environment

The Sunol AgPark and outdoor classroom are a “Zero Waste” environment. The basic principles of Zero Waste are Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot (also known as the 4 R’s). Fruit and vegetable scraps can be left in designated bins for compost, but other trash and recycling must return home with the students. Please emphasize to students that they must pick up and carry out all their own trash.

Program Cancellations

Weather: This is an outdoor field-trip and can be cancelled due to weather conditions. Staff will give teachers a one-day cancellation notice if weather forecasts indicate more than a 60% chance of rain.

Construction: Due to construction next to the AgPark, field trips may be cancelled and rescheduled.

Part of the day-before confirmation with the AgPark Program Office and school teachers is to communicate any possibility of cancellation.


Please contact Nancy Ceridwyn at or 415-640-4270 with any questions.

Thank you for considering the Sunol AgPark Field Trip and In-School Program as an important part of your class plan this semester.  

To request a field trip or in school program, please click here.