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Sunol AgPark 

Located in beautiful Sunol Valley, within the Alameda Creek Watershed, the Sunol AgPark is owned by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and managed through a partnership agreement with the Alameda County Resource Conservation District.   Within the AgPark, six small-scale organic farms produce fresh foods and flowers for diverse Bay Area communities.  The SFPUC and ACRCD partnership provides land and technical assistance to the farmers and hands-on environmental education programs for Bay Area schoolchildren.

As an organic farm located on public lands at the confluence of two creeks, the AgPark places a strong emphasis on natural resource stewardship. The farmers use organic practices such as cover cropping, compost application and crop rotation to enhance soil fertility and minimize soil and plant diseases. The AgPark’s proximity to markets in the East Bay reduces transportation impacts on the environment, lowers farmer’s production costs, and provides local consumers with fresher, healthier food.


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