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Alameda County Rangeland Resilience Pilot Project

Launched in 2015, the Rangeland Resilience Project (Project) will improve distribution of livestock water sources on public lands to enhance habitat, grazing operations, and resilience under climate stressors (e.g. drought). In 2016, the ACRCD, with funding from the State Coastal Conservancy (Climate Ready Grant), collaborated with the NRCS, East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD), San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), AECOM Technical Services, and EBRPD and SFPUC’s joint grazing tenant to rehabilitate and restore existing water sources throughout the Sunol Regional Wilderness. 

Comprised of three major components, the Project is aimed at increasing resilience to climate uncertainties and improving grazing practices through:  (1) rehabilitation and redistribution of water resources – focusing on developed springs and existing livestock ponds, (2) monitoring rehabilitated areas for efficacy of watering facility improvements, and (3) outreach to inform land managers of the Project outcomes, and how these outcomes influence best management practices for grazing on naturalized annual grasslands.

Three livestock water distribution projects are currently in progress.  An additional livestock water distribution project and at least two pond restoration projects are in development.

Read about the project as featured in Grasslands magazine.

View and download signage about the project, which is posted throughout the Sunol Regional Wilderness.