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Partnership Projects

Creeks and Watersheds

The Conservation Partnership has worked closely with other partners in the area to illustrate alternative stream restoration practices on several bioengineering projects.

Highlighted Restoration Projects:
• Arroyo de la Laguna
• San Lorenzo Creek Watershed Sediment Reduction and Habitat Enhancement Project
• Mission Creek Non-native Eucalyptus Tree Removal

Rangeland Resilience

Launched in 2015, the Rangeland Resilience Project will improve distribution of livestock water sources on public lands to enhance habitat, grazing operations, and resilience under climate stressors (e.g. drought). 

Crops and Gardens

Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour
The Partnership is a proud supporter of this exciting local education program, helping with publicity and administering some of the funding.

Sunol AgPark
The ACRCD serves on the Advisory Committee of the AgPark, a project of the local organization, Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAGE). Through EQIP, the Partnership has also assisted the AgPark with several conservation projects.

Easements and Land Management

The Conservation Partnership participates in both monitoring and holding easements and in managing wildlife preserve.  In addition, the Partnership staff has prepared management plans for protected lands.   

Education Programs

The partnership staff is committed to providing educational opportunities to youth.  We have participated in several events including watershed science expos and watershed tours to increase students knowledge of the natural resources that surround them. 

Equine Projects

The Conservation Partnership has been assisting equine facility owners and managers, equestrians, and agency staff involved in equestrian issues in Alameda County with natural resource management for over 10 years.  We have been involved with several equine programs, including management guidelines to protect water quality and other natural resources, recommendations for a streamlined permitting process for equine facilities, and a financial incentive program.