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Managing Rangelands to Benefit California Red-legged Frogs and California Tiger Salamanders

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Once common throughout central California, the California Red-legged Frog and California Tiger Salamander are now listed as threatened by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. They are rare, and their ranges have shrunk severely, mainly due to habitat loss and fragmentation associated with agricultural and urban development. Ranches and grazed public lands and the associated stewardship activities of ranchers and others are vital to the survival and recovery of these amphibians. Grazing as a land use is generally compatible. Livestock ponds have become crucial breeding habitats for both amphibians, and grazing significantly reduces the biomass of the exotic annual grasses that now dominate upland (terrestrial) habitat, lowering fire risk and preventing the degradation of habitat conditions that would occur if the grasses were left unmanaged. This document provides comprehensive recommendations for habitat management based on the best available scientific research and the expertise of individuals who study or manage these amphibians and their habitat.

This publication was reviewed by over 40 experts (besides the authors), and sponsored by the Alameda County Resource Conservation District, California Coastal Conservancy, California Rangeland Conservation Coalition, East Bay Regional Park District, Joseph DiDonato Wildlife Consulting and Photography, LD Ford Rangeland Conservation Science, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Santa Clara County Open Space Authority, and United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

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