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Beginning Farmer and Rancher Information Hub

Your one-stop-shop for resources for beginning farmers and ranchers.

Beginning Farmer and Rancher Workshops

Watch workshop videos, access workshop presentations, and download workshop materials designed for beginning farmers and ranchers.

Secure Land Tenure Agreements
This introductory workshop was geared towards ranchers in the first ten years of production looking to better understand components of a good grazing lease, differences between public and private leases and background on how to secure a grazing lease in the Bay Area’s highly competitive environment.  Specific topics included the legal and financial risks of poorly developed leases, leasing best practices, alternative lease clauses, and lease development and negotiation. 


  Strategies for Developing an Effective Grazing Lease Proposal

This workshop featured information about commonly asked request for proposal, and presented information to attendees about proposal best practices.  Attendees heard from a panel of experienced proposal reviews and successful applicants.  Information about pursing private and non-conventional grazing leases was also presented. 


  Outdoor Pig Production and Managing Hogs in Woodlands
These workshops addressed how to effectively manage hogs on pasture and in oak woodlands, while minimizing impacts on the land and conserving natural resources.


  Livestock Production 101
This training, intended for beginning ranchers, focuses on several essential aspects of production that influence both profitability and successful resource management.  Specific topics included: Animal selection (picking the right animal for your land and local markets); Nutrition & health (forage nutrition and supplementation, animal health considerations; Timing and length of calving season (controlled calf crops, maximizing returns at market); Stocking rates (optimal stocking rates for the rancher and the land).


  Holistic Management
Learn about key whole ranch planning concepts and principles to help landowners/managers operate their ranch for the triple bottom line (social, environmental, and financial sustainability).
  • Introduction to Holistic Management Framework and Principles (Check back soon for this video!)

  Introduction to Ranching with Wildlife
This course will help participants understand the importance of local wildlife and management practices that can improve habitat for them. Specific wildlife species that will be discussed include, but are not limited to: California red-legged frog, California tiger salamander, Alameda striped-racer, western pond turtle, and western burrowing owl.

  • Ranching with Wildlife (Check back soon for this presentation!)

  Olive Tree Pruning
This hands-on field day at the Purple Orchid Resort and Spa taught attendees about best practices for hand-pruning medium and high-density olive trees, reviewed the best types of tools for the job, discussed techniques for different harvest methods, pruning timing and more.

  Farming Efficiently I: Crop Planning

This workshop taught attendees how to develop a production plan that balances crop diversity, cash flow, markets, and seasonality, on limited acreage.


  Farming Efficiently II: Weed Management

Strategies for managing common weeds in diversified row crop operations as a means of minimizing labor and improving yield, Discussion will include tillage, crop rotation, pre-irrigation, cultivation, use of smother crops, cover crop strategies, sanitation, planting techniques and the importance of timing when utilizing hand tools.



For questions re: the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program please contact Rachelle Hedges or Susan Ellsworth