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Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

Upcoming Workshops: Efficient Farm Management - A Series of Interactive Workshops for Farmers in Alameda County and Beyond

Workshop 1: Crop Planning
Alan Haight, Riverhill Farms
November 8th from 1-4pm

Workshop 2: Minimizing Weed Competition
Jim Leap 
November 20th from 1-4pm

Review past workshop content and materials here.

Beginning Farmer and Rancher Video from Alameda Conservation Partnership on Vimeo.

Farmers and ranchers are some of the most important stewards of our natural resources while contributing to the economic vitality of our rural (and, increasingly, urban) communities.  Yet, the average age of our agricultural producers is nearly 60, leaving many to wonder who will serve as the next generation of stewards and food producers.  For this reason, the Alameda County Conservation Partnership is eager to support beginning farmers and ranchers as they enter the agricultural sector.

Through workshops, field days, technical assistance and mentorship opportunities, the Conservation Partnership, in combination with our partner organization, SAGE, provides resources and training to help build the next generation of successful and sustainable farms and ranches.

For information about this work or to join our beginning farmer and rancher email list, contact Susan Ellsworth at or 925-371-0154 ext. 103

And, join our Google Group for more information on events, trainings or to ask questions and share information with your fellow beginning farmers and ranchers in the Greater Bay Area.

Follow the links below for additional information:

Workshops and Field Days
Mentorship Program
Conservation Incentives for Beginning and Low-Resource Farmers and Ranchers
Funding for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers
Resources for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

Workshops and Field Days hosted by the Conservation Partnership or SAGE

See below for the list of our workshops completed in 2012-2013. Click on the link to access workshop presentations and materials.

Information about upcoming workshops and field days will be available on our Workshops page and feel free to contact Susan with any ideas or suggestions.

If you are interested in participating in our mentorship program either as mentor or mentee, please contact Susan at the email or phone number above.

Conservation Incentives for Beginning and Low-Resource Farmers and Ranchers

The Natural Resources Conservation Service may be able to provide funding support for eligible beginning farmers and ranchers as well as lower income farmers, by way of its conservation cost-share programs such as Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP). For more information visit
or contact Alyson Aquino at (925) 371-0154 ext. 116 or for more information

Funding for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

For more information on start-up funding sources for beginning farmers and ranchers, including loans, micro-finance, credit and grants visit

Resources for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

Start2Farm -  A Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Site with lots of useful information for those considering farming and those already underway.

CA FarmLink – A nonprofit organization that provides farmers with the tools they need to lease and purchase land, access capital, and improve business and financial management skills. 

SAGE - Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAGE) supports urban-edge farming and engages diverse populations in local, sustainable agriculture.

NCAT-ATTRA – A program of the National Center for Appropriate Technology providing information and technical assistance regarding sustainable agriculture to farmers, ranchers, Extension agents, educators, and others in the US.

CA Farm Academy – A non-profit educational program dedicated to training, mentoring and providing access to land for motivated, hard-working farm entrepreneurs.

ALBA – A non-profit organization that provides educational and business opportunities for farm workers and aspiring farmers to grow and sell crops grown on two organic farms in Monterey County, California

National Young Farmers Coalition – a national farmer led partnership bringing farmers together in person and online to learn, share and build a stronger community.

Young Cattlemen’s – An organization of young California Ranchers

Greenhorns – an organization dedicated to recruiting, promoting and supporting the new generation of young farmers through avant-garde programming such as video, audio, web content, publications, events, and art projects.


This initiative is funded by the USDA NIFA Beginning Farmer & Rancher Development Program Grant # 2011-49400-30641. hosted in conjunction with Sustainable Agriculture Education, will include a variety of topics relevant to beginning farmers and ranchers as well as opportunities for collaboration and mentorship.