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Urban Farms Conservation Mini-Grant Program

The application period for the Urban Farms Conservation Mini-Grant program is open! Applications are due by 5pm on Monday September 9, 2019 to

The Alameda County Conservation Partnership in partnership with UC Cooperative Extension is happy to announce its fifth Urban Farm Conservation Mini-Grant cycle, with funding from the Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District. This program is intended to support conservation on urban and urban-edge farms in Western Alameda County while improving yields and enhancing overall production. Successful applicants will receive financial support as well as technical assistance, if needed, to facilitate the installation of conservation practices that will enhance soil and water quality as well as habitat, both on-site and in the surrounding community.

Grants may cover the following types of activities:

  • Erosion control and runoff reduction measures e.g. bioswale, rain garden or filter strips utilizing native, drought tolerant or other appropriate plantings, straw wattles for storm drains, mulching, cover crops, rainwater collection systems.
  • Conservation and habitat plantings e.g. cover crops, hedgerows, bee and owl boxes, drought tolerant or native plantings.
  • Water quality and efficiency improvements e.g. irrigation system improvements, compost systems or compost covers, greywater systems.
  • Informational Signage e.g. weatherproof placards explaining the purpose of a rain garden or filter strip; a sign describing various run-off/erosion mitigation practices and how they support water quality in an adjacent waterway.

For more information on eligible conservation practices, such as those listed above, click here. The list above is a sample and applicants should feel free to propose additional conservation activities that will benefit soil or water resources, while supporting production.

Interested parties will submit a brief application describing their conservation needs related to soil, habitat and water quality enhancement as well as the conservation improvements they intend to install. Proposals will include an estimated budget of not more than $3000. 

To download an application packet including additional submission details, click here.

Eligibility: Eligible applicants include urban farms, gardens and organizations with urban farming programs. Project sites must be located within Alameda County Flood Control District Zones 2, 2A, 3A, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12 & 13, including Oakland, San Leandro, Castro Valley, San Lorenzo, Hayward, Fremont, and Newark. Projects located in Zone 7 are not eligible to apply. For more detail click here.

Re-submission of prior unsuccessful applications will be given extra consideration provided that reviewer feedback is reflected in the revised application.

Note: Because water quality protection is an important focus of the funding agency, priority will be given to farm sites that are near creeks, drainage channels or storm drains. 

For more information, contact or 925-453-3857


Photos credits from L to R: WOW Farm, Kassenhoff Growers, WOW Farm, City Slicker Farms

Program funded by the Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District with additional support from UC Cooperative Extension and NRCS.