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Local and Niche Meat Slaughter and Processing


Demand for locally raised, natural or grass-fed meat products is on the rise across the nation and in the San Francisco Bay Area in particular. These niche meat products are often directly marketed by producers who raise the animals and then bring them to slaughter.  Access to USDA inspected slaughter and processing for small and medium scale producers is a critical element of a successful niche meat business. In the East and South Bay, however, these services are few and far between. As a result, producers often travel 3 or more hours round trip to bring their animals to an approved facility, making an already challenging business even more challenging.

In an effort to better understand demand for slaughter and processing services, the Alameda Conservation Partnership has teamed up with local niche meat producers as well as neighboring RCDs and UC Cooperative Extension to conduct a needs assessment. These findings will be used to help galvanize action within the stakeholder community to address identified needs.

Click here to view the full assessment or here for the executive summary.

For more information, contact Susan Ellsworth at Support for this project was provided by the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service’s Local Food Promotion Program, Grant # 14-LFPPX-CA-0012.

Bay Area Slaughter and Processing Facilities 

For a PDF map of the bay area slaughter and processing facilities click here

Table List of Facilities

Bay Area Slaughter and Processing Facilities - List of Facilities Within 100 Miles

More Information 

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