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Best Management Practices in Outdoor Hog Production

California used to be home to thousands of hog farms of all shapes and sizes. Yet today, despite growing interest in local and sustainably produced food, few hog farms remain. Recognizing this market opportunity, a small but growing number of outdoor, small-scale and niche hog operations have cropped up around the Greater Bay Area to meet this demand.

With support from an NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant (#68-91043179), the Conservation Partnership, UC Cooperative Extension, NC State University and RCDs from throughout the region are working to support outdoor hog producers, particularly new producers, in implementing best management practices (BMPs) for resource conservation. Hogs can be pretty hard on our fragile local ecology, but there are many ways to minimize or leverage their natural behaviors for the benefit of the land.

Through a series of field visits to outdoor hog producers within the region, project collaborators are working to develop a set of resources (BMPs), to assist local, small scale and niche hog production within the region. This project will provide locally and ecologically relevant information, while minimizing potential production impacts to support increased adoption of niche hog production in light of growing market demand.

This project is also intended to build capacity amongst agricultural and resource management professionals within the Bay Area to enable them to better support niche hog producers.

Outdoor Hog Production: Best Practices for Resource Conservation in the San Francisco Bay Area

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 Additional support for this project is provided by UC ANR and LeftCoast Grassfed/TomKat Ranch