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Equine Facilities

Manure storage shed at Redwood Regional Park.

The RCD has been assisting equine facility owners and managers, equestrians, and agency staff involved in equestrian issues in Alameda County, with natural resource management for over 10 years.

Equine Facilities Site-Evaluation Workbook
Past Projects
Horse Keeping Guide and Fact Sheets
Other Resources

For more information on this program contact Amy Evans @ 925-371-0154 ext 112.


Site-Evaluation Workbook for Equine Facilities

The RCD is in the process of developing a workbook for equine facility owners and managers that will help with evaluating the physical environment of their facilities in light of the developed horse keeping areas and the associated management practices that are in practice at the site.  The worksheets will lead the evaluator through a series of five steps that conclude with the review of options that are available for conservation practices and Best Management Practices (BMPs) which can be implemented in order to protect natural resources and at the same time ensure the sustainability and viability of the horse keeping operation.

The site evaluation workbook will be most helpful when used in conjunction with the Horse Keeping: A Guide to Land Management for Clean Water manual that describes, and then guides selection of cost-effective conservation practices and management strategies.  Facility owners and managers may want to use these documents when developing short and long term plans for their facilities, and/or to help determine which areas of their facilities need further consideration or detailed planning for natural resources protection.   

After a draft of the workbook is completed it will be reviewed, field tested, and edited, and then one or more on-site field sessions will be held for local equine facility owners/managers to demonstrate its use in late 2011.   For further information, contact Amy Evans at (925) 371-0154 x 112 or email:

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Past Projects

The Conservation Partnership has been involved with several equine programs in the past including recommendations for a streamlined permitting process for equine facilities and a financial incentive program. More information on these projects can be found at our Partnership Projects page.

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Horse Keeping Guides and Fact Sheets

The Council of Bay Area Resource Conservation Districts (CBARCD) developed partnerships with equestrian organizations, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Region 2 of the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB), and four Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs) in Alameda, Marin, San Mateo and Southern Sonoma counties, to develop information available for equine facility owners to minimize or eliminate potential non-point source pollution from horses that may enter Bay Area creeks and streams while improving and protecting water quality through best management practices.

The Council of Bay Area Resource Conservationists developed a comprehensive, 121 page informational manual, Horse Keeping: A Guide to Land Management for Clean Water, which is available for download.

Marc Buchanan, PhD of Buchanan Associates in Scotts Valley, CA developed the publication, Horse Manure Management: A Guide for Bay Area Horse Keepers, a 37 page guide to addressing horse keeping and potential water quality problems that might be attributed to horses. A powerpoint presentation, A Horse Keepers Guide to Manure Management, also produced by Marc, is available in pdf format.

Land Management Fact Sheets

Manure Composting Fact Sheets

Manure Management Fact Sheets

Water Quality Protection Measures Fact Sheets

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Other Resources

Bay Area Barns and Trails: A local, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving land for horses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Helping Birds at Horse Ranches: Point Reyes Bird Observatory has produced an informational fact sheet on how to help sustain healthy populations of native birds at equine facilities. Visit PRBO's website to learn more.

Horses for Clean Water: Visit Alayne Blickle’s website to sign up for their monthly newsletter, The Green Horse, and to view facts sheets concerning land management specifically for horse facilities.

Organic Materials Exchange: The Organic Materials Exchange is a project of the Santa Cruz County Resource Conservation District (SCCRCD) and Ecology Action. This site allows organics waste producers and users on the Central Coast to exchange materials. By participating in the exchange you will help extend the life of our landfills and keep pollutants out of local waterways and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

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