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Alameda County Resource Conservation District Board of Directors

RCD Directors are local citizens who are familiar with local agricultural and natural resource issues. They are appointed by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to serve four-year terms. A Director must either be a landowner within RCD boundaries or have served as an Associate Director for two years or more.

The Alameda County RCD Board meets the third Monday of every month at 6:00 pm at the RCD office. All Board meetings are open to the public.

Interested in the Board Member Vacancy position?
See here for the Notice of Vacancy Announcement Memo to learn more information and to learn how to apply.

Please contact Marilyn Harvey at 925-371-0154 ext. 113 for more information.


If you are interested in contacting one of our directors, please contact Marilyn Harvey at 925-371-0154 ext 113.

Becky Dennis



Past Pleasanton City Council Member
Past Pleasanton Vice Mayor
Vision 2010 - Open Space & Agriculture Committee Chair

Darrel Sweet 
Vice President



Rancher, Livermore
Chair, Alameda County Agriculture Advisory Committee
Past President, California Cattlemen's Association

Mark Connolly



Attorney at Law

   Dolores Bengston 



Pleasanton Resident
Parks and Recreation Professional

Dan Sachau



Winegrower and Rancher, Livermore

Marilyn Russell

Rancher, Retired Livermore Biology Teacher

Bill Hoppes

PhD Ornithologist, Livermore

Associate Directors

Sheila Barry

Natural Resources/Livestock Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension

Chris Costello


Rich Fletcher

Land Manager

Kristel Ising

Rancher and Pistachio Grower, Livermore

Jim Robins

Principal Owner of Alnus Ecological